• Read More Structural Steel Structural Steel “Structural Steel” category will consist mainly of the supply or Fabrication of steel products. Typical items of supply will consist of the Fabrication of Piping Systems, supply of Casting Bolts and Stainless Steel components.
  • Read More Space Enhancement Space Enhancement “Space Enhancement” will be most applicable to the Private Sector. A typical application of this category would be to asses and upgrade or improve existing buildings. Depending on customer requirements, new buildings could also be provided. OCP commits itself to ensuring that the customer’s experience of said developments will be a pleasant one.
  • Read More Service Delivery Service Delivery “Service Delivery” will be most applicable to the Industrial sector. A typical application of this category would be to assess and upgrade an existing plant. Depending on customer requirements, new plants could also be provided. In both these instances the customer’s needs are analysed and a workable solution decided upon in conjunction with the client.

Oosthuizen Construction Projects

Utilising our scarce skill, expertise and knowledge we will construct superior plants, buildings and structures. Our utter commitment to provide a quality product will ensure that we will deliver a product which surpasses other conventional products in the market. Our supplied products will gain the trust of our clients and thus ensure expansion of our business. In this fashion we will be improving the quality of the lives of our employees, the quality of the end product supplied in the market, and ultimately a better South Africa.

Health and Safety

OCP is committed to establish and maintain a safe working environment in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety act. We will continually prevent personal injury, ill health or property damage and at all times safeguard the environment. Management is therefore committed to enforce responsible Health and Safety guidelines. This will ensure that its employees perform their duties in accordance with requirements related to established procedures. The following list demonstrates some of the documentation that we utilize to ensure adherence to Health and Safety requirements:

This list is by no means exhaustive and additional requirements from clients will be incorporated into our existing system.